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Air Leaders Inc. Heating & Cooling also provides products for commercial rooftops, with many units available from York, Trane, Rinnai, and Rheem.



Packaged Rooftop Units


Air Leaders Inc. offers packaged rooftop units from York, available from seven different product series, including Affinity™, Small Sunline™, Direct Fit™, Predator™, Large Sunline™, Millennium™, and ECO2™. SEEER ratings range from 10.0 to 16 and these units can accommodate up to 40 ton packaged heating and cooling units.


Our Trane packaged rooftop units include highly cost-effective cooling solutions for a broad range of applications, delivering savings year after year, with Trane® durability and optimal performance. These systems have a direct-drive plenum fan technology, microchannel condenser coil, and variable speed compressor technology, among many other attractive, energy efficient features.

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Air leaders Inc - Image

Commercial Water Heaters

Air Leaders provides commercial water heaters from Rinnai and Rheem. These units are designed to heat and cool large commercial buildings efficiently.

Rinnai Demand Duo

Air Leaders offers the Rinnai Demand Duo, a commercial hybrid hot water heater solution. You spend your business day multitasking, so why shouldn’t your hot water system do the same? The Demand Due™ is the perfect solution to directly replace most of the standard or high efficiency commercial tanks. Rinnai offers a 6-year HEX/Tank warranty on this unit. The Demand Duo™ is build standard with the C199 Commercial Tankless Water Heater. It is approved for high altitude up to 10,200 square feet and can be fueled by natural gas or propane. It also features multiple venting options, including the concentric, two pipe, room air, and common vent, and this unit is ideal for emergency replacement situations. Maintenance is easy and cost effective as all parts are replaceable, and each assembly component is individually certified. It features the commercial ENERGY STAR certification, with a 96% thermal efficiency rating and 199,000 BTU. Another product highlight is that it’s ultra-low, NOx compliant. See additional product specification on our supplier site here.

Rinnai C199

The C199 commercial condensing tankless water heater model from Rinnai offers many product benefits and features. These include increased savings with Commercial ENERGY STAR certified tankless water heaters, heat exchangers, compact designs for indoor or outdoor installation, numerous venting options, and much more.

Rheem Super Duty

The Rheem Super Duty Commercial Water Heater features many benefits, including faster, less costly venting, an LCD user interface, power or power direct vent, corrosion protection, multiple water connections, a factory installed brass drain valve, advanced burner design, hot surface ignition system, altitude certification, and a factory installed relief valve. There are 2 Super Duty models available, including the GHE119-500 and the GHE125-500(A).

High Intensity Heaters

Air Leaders Inc. also offers high intensity heaters from Schwank, including high output warehouse heaters for buildings with high ceilings, modern energy efficient overhead heaters, and infrared heaters with outstanding performance. These units can handle the toughest jobs for you and get comfort right down to floor level without wasting energy, and with minimal effects on the environment. Cost savings and several “green” advantages over traditional forced air heaters are what you’ll receive with a high intensity water heater product from Schwank. These heating units are ideal for large commercial areas that have high heating demands.

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Air leaders Inc - Image

Tube Heaters

Air Leaders Inc. also offers tube heaters, which are low intensity, sealed-combustion radiant tube heaters, ideal for heating applications with low or medium ceilings. They are adaptable to provide the highest level of comfort and functionality. These tube heaters take care of dusty and other bad air conditions quickly, bringing in fresh outside combustible air to the sealed burner. You’ll experience up to 60% energy savings for industrial warehouse heating and commercial applications, and no less than 35% energy savings with any application.


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