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Feeling Hot? Consider contacting AC Installation in Markham for an exciting and comfortable summer! 

In the summer Ontario gets hot, and heat can be more than just uncomfortable, it can be deadly. For the elderly and families with young children, air conditioners are a necessity. A temperature-regulated home is an oasis from the heat and humidity that define summers in the GTA. Without an air conditioner, the risk of heat stroke and dehydration increases hugely. 
Health concerns aside, sweltering heat makes it difficult to do anything at home, even just relaxing. That is why, according to the Toronto Municipal Code, if an AC is installed in a building, then the landlord must keep the temperature below 26 degrees Celsius between June 2nd and September 14th.  You might not be a landlord, but it isn’t a bad idea to base your own air conditioning habits on municipal guidelines. 

Tips For Installing an Air Conditioner in Markham

Installing an air conditioner in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) requires careful consideration to ensure optimal cooling and energy efficiency. Choosing the right size and location, as well as hiring a professional HVAC contractor, are important factors to keep in mind. 

When you are considering installing an AC in Markham, like anywhere else, energy efficiency should be a priority. According to Toronto Hydro, “Air conditioning can account for up to 50% of your summer electricity bill.” Installing and maintaining your air conditioner correctly is the best way to save on your summer energy costs. Also, keep in mind some tips for installing an AC in Markham can always come in handy. 

1. Install Your AC In the Shade

By installing your air conditioning unit in a shaded area, you could make it up to 5% more efficient by avoiding the added heat of direct sunlight.

2. Get The Right AC For the Right Job

If you have a small one-room apartment, then you don’t need a giant AC. An unnecessarily large AC unit will waste a lot of energy without making a noticeable difference. Conversely, if you have an undersized unit, you may waste energy by leaving it on full blast or using fans to supplement its insufficient power. Consult our air conditioning professionals at Air Leaders to ensure that you are getting the right unit for the size of your home.

3. No Permit Necessary

According to the Toronto Municipal Code  
“No building permit is required to install a window air conditioner in a rental unit or privately owned home, but tenants should consult their lease agreement to determine if they are permitted in their units.” So at least you don’t have to worry about paperwork when it comes to AC installation in Markham. 

4. Maintain Your AC in Markham

Keeping your air conditioner unit working efficiently means that you will have to stay on top of maintenance. For the most part, you should be able to handle all of the basic cleaning and maintenance yourself. Use a brush and hose to keep the external compressor clear of debris and ensure that the coils on your air conditioner are not dirty or bent. Check, clean and replace your filter as necessary. If you start experiencing issues, then you should contact an air conditioner technician before the problem gets worse. 

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