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Air Leaders Inc. Heating & Cooling receives a number of frequently asked questions (faq) from residential and commercial customers regarding our wide range of products including furnaces, water heaters, air conditioners, and more. The information below talks about just some of the answers to questions we hear most often. Click on each questions below to read more about that topic.

When should I replace my heating or Air-conditioning system?

A basic rule of thumb is that efficiencies advance every 10 years but many models can last longer if property sized, installed and maintained. The best way to tell is to have regular inspections and energy analyses completed for your specific units, usually once per year.

What is covered under warranty?

Any product we offer comes with a written limited warranty on parts and or labour. If it fails under normal use and service during the specified period, will be repaired free of charge.

Should I change my indoor coil?

When you replace your heat pump or air conditioner, you will most likely need to change the indoor air coil. Efficiency ratings are advertised for each product based on the performance as part of a matched system, meaning if you change the outdoor section and not the indoor section, you will end up saving less than if you were to replace them both.

How long will a new system last?

Most new furnaces, air-conditioners & tankless water heaters can last up to 15 years if they are properly installed and maintained.

What is involved in replacing an old system and installing a new one?

Aside from the replacement of the unit itself, we will inspect other areas and determine if they also need to be replaces or supplied, including, evaporator coils, chimney liners, slabs, filters, driers, registers, drain pans, flue pipes, your thermostat, ductwork, and insulation, plus other features as they apply to your home and the type of system you are replacing. When we install a new unit as a replacement for an old one, the old system and all of its components will have to be removed before the new system is installed. If a system is being added for the first time to a home, we will have to examine the areas mentioned above and determine if those fixtures need to be installed also.

How do I select the right heating or cooling system?

Air Leaders Inc. can help you decide, based on a number of factors. The first thing to consider is the correct sizes, determined by a load calculation for your home’s square footage. We also provide an energy analysis to determine operating costs. If you have any comfort issues with your current products, we can take that into consideration when choosing a new system, along with your allergies. It’s also important to know what your budget is compared to the system you are considering—in other words, will the investment be worth the potential savings?

What is the cost of a new heat pump or air conditioning system?

Many factors impact the cost of your heating or cooling system—the size of your home, the type of ductwork you need installed (or already have), and accessories you may need such as an air cleaner or thermostat. We have a wide range of systems to choose from that will fit within your budget.

Why do I need to replace my heating or AC system?

If your system is old, inefficient (your energy bills are higher than they should be), or need a significant repair, complete system replacement may be the best route to go. Today’s systems are up to 60% more efficient than those of even 10 years ago. Once you start saving on your utility bills, a new unit may create a desirable return on your investment. The savings each month may offset the cost of financing a new system.

What does an air handler do for my heating and cooling system?

Air handlers take conditioned air created by your furnace or air conditioner and circulate it throughout your home while ensuring the air is free of excess humidity without being too dry.

Should I be concerned about Indoor Air Quality?

We are exposed to over 100 times more pollution indoors than outdoors, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, along with humidity. The products we have that specifically target indoor air quality remove pollutants, allergens, and the excess humidity that leads to mold and mildew growth, which also creates problems for those with allergies and asthma.

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