Imagine coming back from the office in cold midnight, and your gas furnace is not working. Now, you cannot call someone at this time because it is already snowing outside.

Apparently, you have to cover yourself in ten or more blankets to block the cold.

This will never happen if you keep a check on your gas furnace, and with slight problems, you call the experts.

Few major and minor problems can lead to the complete misfunctioning or malfunctioning of your furnace. You have to know them beforehand and call an expert as soon as you know about them.

Here are those four common problems of a gas furnace that you can easily check on your own and call a specialist on time.

4 Common Problems of a Gas Furnace


No Heat or Less Heat

The only job that your furnace has to do is to keep your home warm by distributing enough heat to every corner. Sadly, if this job is not being done, you might have to look for another furnace.

Relax! Professional aid can also help you in that case.

Some of the reasons are given below on why your furnace is producing no heat or less heat.

Check them out to identify the real problem and call the experts as soon as you see them.

  1. One of the major reasons is the setting of your thermostat. Keep a check on if your fan is turned on or not. If the fan is on, it might be conducting air, but not warm.
  2. Another reason can be that your heat setting on the thermostat is too low.
  3. Your furnace filters might be filled with dust, and there is no way for the air to come out. This is also a major reason, and to avoid that, you have to keep changing your filters.

There can be more reasons for that, and only a good gas furnace service in Markham will help you keep your furnace fine.


Irregular Behavior (On & Off)

Your furnace might show that behavior where it turns on and off automatically. The temperature setting on your thermostat might be a reason where you have kept the programmed temperature on too low or too high.

Here are few more reasons.

  1. The furnace is turning on and off because it is trying to maintain the set temperature of your room.
  2. If the furnace turns off before it reaches the set temperature, it might be due to overheating. Most of the furnaces have built-in safety switches where they shut down due to overheat. This overheat occurs due to the clogged air filter that is restricting the airflow.


Not Turning on Automatically.

When everything works perfectly, your furnace turns on automatically as soon as it gets the indication from the thermostat.

However, if it is getting chilly and you did not notice that your furnace has turned on yet,

It might be due to the following reasons.

  1. Your furnace will not start until the circuit breaker is turned off. You can also check the label named “furnace” on your device and get things started again. If it still does not work, then there can be other reasons too.
  2. Another reason can be the same temperature setting. If it is set on too low, the furnace will not start until it reaches that temperature. To fix that, you might have to set your thermostat to “cool” or “off.”
  3. Other reasons can be clogged air filters or no fuel.


Noisy Furnace

Along with other common problems of gas furnaces, noise is the most popular one. You might be hearing the sounds of clicks when the thermostat sends signals to the furnace. After that, you might hear the ducts filling out with air. If the sound is slightly hearable, then it is completely normal.

However, if it makes you irritated with a loud noise, it must ask you for professional aid.

Here are some reasons why it is doing that.

  1. Something inside the duct or furnace is loose and needs to be tightened.
  2. There must be some fuel left in the combustion chamber.

In these cases, turn off the system and call assistance as soon as possible.


Conclusively, these issues are the ones that you cannot fix on your own if you do not have experience with furnaces. Some of them might look easy to fix, like tightening the nuts and bolts, but they can lead to some serious issues if not done well.

If you are also facing any problems, then make sure to give us a call as Air Leaders are well trained to deal with these common problems in your gas furnace.

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