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Air Handlers 
Models from York and Trane

Air Leaders, Inc. also has a vast selection of air handlers from two major industry manufacturers, Trane and York. There are capacities available for homes of any size and layout. Air handlers contain a blower, heating and/or cooling elements, filter racks and chambers, and dampers, along with sound reduction features. They connect to a ductwork ventilation system to distribute conditioned air throughout a building.


We offer air handler models from York®’s Affinity™, LX™, and Latitude™ lines to accommodate any type of interior space.

Affinity Series’ 2 air handler models provide excellent circulation of air in an advanced modular system. They perfectly match many high end comfort systems and meet even the most demanding comfort needs. You’ll save more energy through the use of custom settings and avoid any problems with the diagnostic features.

AVC & MVC Air Handlers

The models from this line have a coil optimized for the most effective airflow, a variable speed fan motor, and a 10 year limited parts warranty.

The LX Series also offers two model options, each with an advanced design, keeping the airstream clean with insulation that is foil-faced. A positive slope drain pan improves hygiene and this system maintains temperature balance, which reduces energy costs. No harsh stops and starts ensures these models use less energy and operate quietly. Adaptable for any application, these air handlers are some of the best quality products on the market.

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AE & ME Air Handlers

Both of the models in the LX series have an ECM fan motor that operates quietly, offer a 10 year warranty, and ensure years of dependability.

When you choose an air handler from York®’s Latitude Series, also available from Air Leaders, Inc., you’ll receive a unit with comfortable air distribution, great energy savings, quiet operation, and many of the same great features as the other two series’ models.

AP & MP Air Handlers

These models from the Latitude Series both feature a PSC fan motor for trouble-free, reliable operation, along with a 10 year warranty and coil system designed for the most effective airflow.

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Trane, a well-known and trusted industry brand for all types of HVAC products, also offers air handlers, with four models available from Air Leaders, Inc.

Hyperion™ XL Variable Speed

This air handler is built unlike any other product on the market, designed like a refrigerator with insulation between double walls of a completely unique cabinet. The cooling capacity makes this design suitable for large homes. The coils found in this air handler is more durable that copper coils and families stay comfortable year round no matter what the weather is like. There is no need for exposed insulation which helps prevent energy loss. ComfortLink™ technology connects all key components, and the motor ensures quiet operation while providing maximum comfort.

Hyperion™ XB

This air handler model combines quiet comfort, double-walled construction, reliability, and better, cleaner air. 

This product costs slightly less to install and run than the XL, designed with smaller cooling capacities for small to mid-size homes. It has many of the same features as the XL Variable Speed (unique cabinet, refrigerator-like design, quiet operation, advanced coil technology, and no exposed insulation).

Hyperion™ XR

This air handler works day and night to provide cleaner air in your home, circulating air better and removing virtually all irritants, dust, and pollen. With cooling capacities ranging from 18,000 to 60,000 depending on which specific model is selected, all the XR air handlers offer many unique features. These include quick-turn fasteners, a no-leak drain pan, heating options for both electric and hydronic heat, an all-aluminum coil, high efficiency blower motor, a corrosion resistant finish, and more.


Trane’s XB air handlers combine flexibility and affordability, working with all Trane heating and cooling products. Also featuring an all-aluminum coil, it also has a no-rust polymer drain pan. Capacities of the XB models range from 18,000 to 60,000 as well. Rest assured that when you choose an air handler such Trane’s XB TEM3 from Air Leaders, Inc., you’ll experience total, reliable comfort in the hottest and coldest weather.

Heat Pumps 
Effectively Heat & Cool Your Home!

Air Leaders, Inc. also offers a wide range of heat pumps from York and Trane. Heat pumps transfer warm air inside in the winter and cool air inside in the summer, acting as a dual purpose system to effectively heat and cool your home while adapting to temperatures year-round.


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Air Leaders, Inc. offers heat pump models from York, including models from their LX and Affinity Series.

LX Series heat pumps provide reliable, all season performance.

YHJF Heat Pump

The YHJF heat pump will increase your energy savings, offering a 14.5 SEER rating and an 8.5 HSPF heating efficiency capacity. You’ll experience corrosion-free performance and excellent warranties are available for this product. The compact design ensures it can fit into smaller spaces and it also means you’ll hear less noise while the system is operating. Built-in protection features such as low and high pressure switches protect the system and your home. You’ll cut your electricity costs by up to 29%.

YHM Heat Pump

This model has a 16 SEER rating, and a 9.0 HSPF heating efficiency. It also features modulating technology driven by an inverter, varied capacity to meet the heating and cooling needs of several environments, dual fuel coil and air coils ensures versatility and automotive grade powder paint facilitates years of performance that is free of corrosion.


With a 14 SEER cooling rating and 8.2 HSPF heating efficiency requirement, tube-in-tube coils defrost the unit quickly when needed. It also features the same unique features as the YHJF heat pump (outstanding warranties, dual fuel air handler and coil versatility, and corrosion-free performance).

The Affinity Series is more efficient than standard competitor’s models, and also has a QuietDrive™ Comfort System.

YZF Heat Pump

ENERGY STAR® technology allows for less expensive comfort, and this particular model features a 16 SEER rating and a 9.0 HSPF. It also shares common features with other trusted York® heat pumps, including premium warranties, automotive grade paint for corrosion free performance, and quiet operation. Premium split system technology with a proven single-stage compressor is sure to meet your comfort needs. Safety features are top priority with these designs; just one of these features is the two-piece louver coil that extrudes for maximum strength.

YZH Heat Pump

This model features the components the Y2F has (corrosion free performance made possible with automotive grade paint and a premium warranty), and also a two-stage compressor, an 18 SEER rating, and a 10.0 HSPF. Comfort, protection features, and energy efficiency are accounted for, with the ability to cut electricity costs by 44%.


Trane also provides many heat pump products, including seven models available at Air Leaders, Inc.


This Trane heat pump model is a single stage heat pump with noticeable benefits, including tough construction and energy efficient operation. It’s also one of the quietest running heat pumps you can buy. It features a non-corrosive base pan, advanced fan system, sound insulator, baked-on powder paint, SpineFin™, top shields, a Climatuff® compressor, and many other features standard for Trane heat pump products.


This model features some of the same great options as the XL20I, but also includes a two-stage cooling process, which regulates the temperature in every room efficiently. The Spine Fin™ outdoor coil (a Trane product trademarked technology) is also included in this and other designs. A variable speed fan motor, full-side louvered panels, non-corrosive pan, and many other features are combined with an 18 SEER rating.

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This heat pump cools your home on the hottest summer days and heats your home in the coldest winter temperatures. The ComfortLink™ II system is paired with this model for optimal control. It also uses a system that boosts the charge to enhance efficiency and performance. Other features of this model include powder paint, full-side louvered panels, high quality compressors, and a multi-stage fan. It also has a low resistance air flow and sound insulator for quiet operation.

XR 13

This heat pump model from Trane has been tested in extreme weather, packed with innovative brand-specific technology, and meet the most updated federal regulations in Canada. Top shields protect the unit from damage and debris, full-side louvered panels protect your investment, and many of the same features are included in this model as the XL18I and the XL20I (variable speed fan motor, non-corrosive base pan, powder paint, fasteners resistant to corrosion, and more).

XR 15

This design offers up to a 16.5 SEER rating, which is utilized completely when combined with furnaces, air handlers, and Comfort Coil™ technology from this manufacturer. It features the same options as the XR 17 and 13 as well—SpineFin™ outdoor coil, rust-proof base pan, fasteners resistant to corrosion, compressor using Climatuff™ technology, and a sound insulator. This model’s louvered panels are made with galvanized steel.


Trane’s XR17 provides the energy efficiency you need with a 17.25 SEER (cooling efficiency) rating and 9.5 heating efficiency rating. Sound insulating technology, a two-stage compressor, baked-on powder paint, SpineFin™ outdoor coils, and corrosion-resistant fasteners are just some of the features this model offers. Cooling capacity ranges from 24,000 to 60,000.


Air Leaders, Inc. also offers Trane’s XB13 heat pump. With a 14.5 SEER rating that meets government regulations, it’s a smart, economical choice for both cooling and heating operations. You’ll receive the benefits of many other models along with this design’s unique composition; these benefits include a powder paint finish that is resistant to rust, the SpineFin™ outdoor coil, a non-corrosive base pan, and full-side louvered panels.

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