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York & Trane Gas Furnace Products

Air Leaders Inc. in The Greater Toronto Area offers more than one type of gas furnace to meet the needs of homes of all sizes as well as commercial buildings. We use only top of the line products, all of which raise your comfort level and use advanced technology.




Lennox furnaces are some the most efficient and quietest heating system you can buy. They are engineered for perfect warmth and savings.

There are 3 Series of Lennox furnaces to choose from: Merit, Elite and Signature series.

Merit Series is the introductory product line that raises the bar for heating and cooling equipment. For nearly 150 years, Lennox has stood for innovation, dependability and reliability in heating and cooling equipment. The entire Merit® Series carries on that tradition with pride, because it’s built with smart designs, and thoroughly tested to ensure quality while keeping it affordable.

Elite series high efficiency Lennox gas furnaces are true to their name, Eltie series products are a cut above when it comes to making people comfortable in their homes.  With impressive features and capabilities, Elite products not only deliver exceptional comfort but also outstanding energy efficiency and quiet operation.

Dave Lennox Signature Collection is the ultimate in creating the ideal home. From supreme efficiency to unpresented performance, this product family delivers incomparable comfort. For those unwilling to settle for anything less than extraordinary, there is only one option. Dalve Lennox Signature Collection.

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Air Leaders Inc. carries four furnace designs from Trane, the XC95M, S9V2, S9X2, and S9X1, each with standard, shared features and unique features as well.

The XC95m furnace is Trane’s flag ship featuring modulating heating and ComfortLink™ for a fast, effective method of communication for the user interface. It has a variable speed blower motor, a two-tone painted cabinet, and increased dehumidification over other similar models. The hot surface ignitor is made with silicon nitride and the heat exchanger is made with aluminized steel. A 24-volt fuse protects the control from a power surge, and it is compatible with many humidifiers and air cleaners.

The Trane S9V2 uses a two-stage gas heating system with a variable-speed blower motor using industry leading stainless-steel primary and 2ndry heat exchanger. Quiet & reliable operation  is what this furnace is known for.

The Trane S9X2 boasts up to a 96% AFUE rating uses a two-stage gas heating system with 9 speed ECM blower motor

Trane S9X1 high-efficiency single stage heating system keep your home and budget comfortable.


We carry three lines from this trusted industry brand. With York products, heating levels are continually adjusted, fan motors are quiet, and you can find a system tailored to your climate and preferred indoor air temperature. Air Leaders, Inc. carry 3 lines of gas furnace from York, including the Affinity, LX Series, and the Latitude Series.

The Affinity Series will raise your comfort level by using the most advanced technology in the industry, saving you money on your utility bills. There are designs with up to 98% efficiency. With every model featuring a main gas shut-off valve, you can feel confident and safe at all times.

The LX series is compact, offering comfort in a 33 inch cabinet. Their efficiencies are as high as 96% and there are condensing designs for either natural venting with chimneys or through the wall venting. The LX series also has built-in shut off controls and diagnostic features, offering peace of mind. Finally, a 5 year heat exchanger warranty ensures your unit will last for many years.

The Latitude series from York uses a single-stage burner operation for proven performance and also has a 33 inch cabinet height. These products offer the same shut-off and diagnostics safety features with the capacity to heat large commercial spaces. This line also has a commercial grade model to provide energy savings combined with high capacity. You’ll cut fuel costs by up to 20% with the commercial Latitude gas furnace model and also get a reliable silicon nitride hot surface heat ignition.

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