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Air and Water Heating In One with a Gas Boiler!

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A Gas Boiler is a great alternative to a Gas Furnace. The major difference between a gas boiler and a gas furnace is that a boiler uses water to transfer heat instead of air, and the heated coils carry warm air through the ductwork. It can also heat water, offering an air and water heating unit in one.

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Rinnani Gas Boilers

Rianni supplies Air Leaders Inc. with two of their best gas boiler lines, the E-Series and the Q-Series. The E series contains 2 product models and the Q series includes 4 models.


This design is 20”WX26”HX16”D. It weighs 88 lbs and can be used with natural or propane gas. The gas rate input range for heated air is 26,000-110,00 for the NG and 59,00-110,000 for the LP version. For direct hot water, the input range is 26,000-130,000 for the NG and 59,000—130,000 for the LP. It has a maximum flow rate of 4.8 GPM, a 96.1% AFUE rating, and comes with an optional remote control.


This model has similarities to the E110C, but weighs 2 pounds less (86 lbs). It can also be used with either propane or natural gas. The gas rate input range is 17,000 to 75,000 for heating and 17,000—85,000 for direct hot water (NG). (The LP design’s direct hot water gas input rate is 37.000—85,000). The AFUE Rating is slighter higher at 96.5%. This also has the option of a digital controller.


Our Q series models weigh more than the designs in the E series; this one weighs 110 lbs. The dimensions are close to the E-series designs, but the depth is one inch shallower 20”WX26”HX15”D. The gas rate input range is input range is 17,000 to 85,000 (NG); 37,000-85,000 (LP) for heating. This model is indirect tank compatible with a 96.5% AFUE rating.


The Q130S has dimensions of 20”WX27”HX15”D and weighs 117 lbs. It has a 96.1% AFUE rating, and shared features of the Q85S (indirect tank compatible, optional controller). This model’s gas rate input range is 26,000—130,000 for the NG and 59,000-130,000 for the LP.


A slightly bigger unit, the Q175S’ dimensions are 40”WX27”HX15”D, weighing 196lbs. The gas rate input range is 35,000-175,000 (NG) and 74,000-175,000 (LP) for heating. Direct Hot Water range is 35,000—175,000 (NG) and 74,000—175,000 (LP). The AFUE Rating is 95.7.1%


This last Q-Series model has dimension of 26”WX27”HX15”D and weighs 141 lbs. Natural gas and propane are both approved types and the LP has a maximum gas rate BTU input of 205,000. The AFUE rating is 95.7.1%


Navien Gas Boiler

Just as Navien offers high quality tankless water heaters, they also offer a wide variety of boilers, including 3 different series—the NCB-180, NCB-210, and NCB-240.

All of these have excellent condensing efficiency and an advanced system of low cost PVC vent solutions to simplify installation. Dual steel heat exchangers, are also equipped with each model.

An intelligent remote control system has an LCD display, easy to use buttons, high precision water temperature controls, 24 hour time scheduling for space heating, and an appealing aesthetic appearance.

Navien’s boiler units also offer hydronic heating benefits. These units are clean, silent (with no need for blowers), and keep the floors warm while keeping the air fresh. Floor to ceiling, even heat is made possible, and longer life expectancy over copper heat exchangers is another benefit. Other features include built-in CO monitoring, leak detection, automatic water filling, and an anti-freezing feature, plus a number of other modern, attractive, and money saving features.


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