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Air Leaders, Inc. in Markham, Ontario also offers fireplaces from Kingsman Fireplaces, including built-in and portable designs. Enjoy the warmth and aesthetic appeal of this classic heating fixture that has been used for centuries, combined with modern construction and features.

Fireplaces are available with the option to use liquid propane or natural gas, creating a sophisticated focal point in your home. There are three types of fireplace systems Kingsman Fireplaces manufactures, all of which are available from Air Leaders, Inc.

Direct Vent

A direct vent gas fireplace has a coaxial vent system enclosed within a pipe. There is an interior pipe that serves as an exhaust and an exterior pipe used for combusting outdoor air. The completely sealed system allows heat and flames to be delivered without lowering the quality of inside air. If this appliance is installed on an outside wall, the fireplace can be vented horizontally. These modern designs often feature a stainless steel frame and can be used in any room, including bathrooms and bedrooms.



A vented gas fireplace uses an air cooled pipe or gas-flex liners, combusting room air. The exhausted air goes through the pipe or liner and this type of system is not restricted in venting length. Most vented designs from a Kingsman Fireplace look like the traditional wood-burning fireplaces with a mantle, often seen in main living areas.


A vent-free fireplace can be used without a chimney as long as provisions for ventilation and combustion have been adequately accounted for. The size of the room and the appliance’s BTU are important to keep in mind, and these types of fireplaces are 99.9% efficient. This type of system has an ODS pilot, which will turn off the burner if oxygen levels in a room drop too low.

Fireplace Inserts

Fireplace inserts from Kingsman are used to make it possible for an existing wood burning fireplace to be used with natural gas. Vented and direct-vent inserts are available.

Outdoor Fireplaces & Fire Pits

Enjoy a beautiful, warm fireplace outdoors as well with a Kingsman Fireplace unit. These create an elegant focal point for your patio or deck, and gas fire pits can be used in any area of your yard. From elaborate freestanding designs with a stone mantle to sleek, stainless steel framed units that fit into any outdoor living space, there are options available from Air Leaders, Inc. to suit any residential property. Fire pits are constructed with high quality brick and multiple sizes are available.

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