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Important Considerations of Gas Boiler Installations in the GTA

Having a gas boilerinstalled in the GTA can often be just as expensive (if not more) than the boiler itself due to high demand, and the fact that when it comes to gas you simply can’t do the job yourself because it’s too dangerous. The certified experts at Air Leaders Inc., provides the best value on gas boiler installation in the GTA. 

Understanding the steps and considerations involved in gas boiler installation helps show the value of hiring a certified trusted professional. Here’s what’s involved:

Removing the old boiler

Part of the cost of gas boiler installation comes from safely removing and disposing of your previous boiler. If your heating system is older (which is common in some parts of the GTA) then simply removing the system won’t always be enough, your heating system may also need a mechanical flush. 

Mechanical flush

A mechanical flush forces chemicals through the system to ensure that your new boiler functions safely and effectively. The final step in removing an old boiler is disposing of it in an environmentally responsible way. 

Upgrading your boiler

In some cases, gas boiler installation also requires serious adjustments to the existing gas supply and flue position. This may mean that pipes are removed, replaced, or moved to accommodate the new boiler. Doing so requires careful attention to detail, planning, and experience. 

Moving your boiler location

In the case of a major renovation, you may want to change the location of your boiler. This is often the case in basement renovation projects in order to create more space, make the boiler less obstructive, or to ensure that the boiler remains in a safe location. Moving the boiler requires new pipes, drainage, and repositioning the flue. 

Switching to gas

Gas has been proven to be about 64% less expensive than heating your home with oil, but making the switch is a job for a trusted professional. Depending on your current home, switching from oil to gas can involve replacing, adding, or rerouting gas lines and flues in multiple rooms. An experienced gas boiler installation crew will minimize the cost and disruption caused by the installation of your boiler. 

Inspection and maintenance

Your boiler is the most important part of your water and home heating system, but it isn’t everything. The final step in installing a new boiler is inspecting other components including evaporator coils, slabs, drain pans, your thermostat ductwork, insulation, and other areas. In the case of a new home, some of these components may need to be installed.

Why Air Leaders?

All of Air Leaders installers are fully certified, licensed, and factory trained. We never compromise our gas boilers by employing inexperienced technicians and perform a thorough performance check to ensure that your boiler works perfectly from day one. 

Thanks to affordable payment options gas boiler installation from Air Leaders is not only the best in the industry but also the most affordable. 

Schedule your free home estimate todayfor a no obligation quote for a top of the line boiler that will save you money, and the world class installation to match.

Save Money and Energy With a New Gas Boiler

Gas boilers have been around for a long time in homes and offices around the world. Time and again they have proven to be one of the most reliable and efficient home heating solutions available. In the cold Canadian winter months, the importance of a reliable gas boiler system cannot be overstated. 

Why Choose a Gas Boiler?

There are many reasons to choose a gas boiler over other heating options like a furnace. Gas boilers are:

  • Inexpensive to run: High-efficiency boilers are one of the most cost effective heating options available in Canada
  • Environmentally friendly: Modern boilers are very energy efficient and will reduce your carbon footprint .
  • Fast installation: Choosing an experienced specialist company makes gas boiler installation a fast, clean, and simple process
  • Affordable installation: If you already have a gas boiler system in place, then replacing your old model with an updated version is the most cost-effective option. There are advantages to other heating systems, but replacing an entire heating system can be costly. Upgrading to an energy efficient, modern gas boiler is often the most economical choice
  • Dual function: Modern combi boilers will not only heat your home or office, but also will heat your domestic hot water saving you space that a hot water tank will take, and will heat the water more efficiently.
  • Comfort: Most home owners with a boiler system report a better heat distribution in their home compare to homeowners with other heating systems.

Buying the right boiler to meet your needs is crucial, but it is only the first step. To keep your boiler running as efficiently as possible right from the start, you need the best installation service in the GTA.

Gas Boiler Installation Steps

Installing a gas boiler is a complex, multistep process that you should always leave to the experts. 

  • Choose your boiler and your installation company: It is a good idea to try to use the same company for purchasing and installing your gas boiler. Using one company will cut down on costs, and simplify the process for you. Resist the temptation to use general contractors, who may lack the experience and expertise that gas boiler specialists have.
  • Prepare the installation area: Prior to installing a boiler, the area has to be cleared and prepped. Ideally your chosen area should have access to gas, water, and electricity hookups. In some cases, you may have to reroute or replace the gas and water pipes and electrical wiring. Make sure there is room in the area to unpack the boiler. Boilers are usually packed and delivered in wooden crates.
  • Installing the boiler: Installing the boiler involves several steps including installing the water piping, the venting and flue, and finally connecting the boiler to a gas supply. 
  • Fill your boiler, check the carbon dioxide, and start heating your home.

Depending on your situation there may be additional steps necessary to ensure that your gas boiler installation meets your specific needs. This may include refurbishing, replacing, or rerouting existing parts, wires, and plumbing. Schedule a free in-home estimate to learn the specific steps that will be required for your unique boiler installation.

Gas Boiler Installation GTA Specialists

For the best gas boiler installation in the GTA choose Air Leaders. Air Leaders offers:

  • A range of state of the art boilers perfect for any home, budget, or requirements
  • Experienced and certified installers
  • Affordable and flexible financing options
  • Fast service
  • Superior customer service
  • Free in-home estimates.
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