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Air Leaders Inc. Heating & Cooling carries several tankless water heater varieties for homes and businesses across the Greater Toronto Area. A tankless water heater is an affordable, and spacious way to keep your water hot!

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Rinnani Tankless Water Heater

Air Leaders Inc. offers Rinnani tankless water heaters, a brand that has been a supplier in the US and Canada for nearly 100 years. They combine technology and innovation in every product, which has led them to become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of tankless water heaters and other home heating solutions. We carry four models from Rinnani, and each model is ENERGY STAR® qualified and features enhanced scale detection to lessen the possibility of damage to each unit.

The RL75I has an 82 energy factor and can be used with propane or natural gas. This model is most suitable for mobile homes. The temperature lock prevents any changes to the temperature of the water that are extreme or unintentional, and this unit complies with industry standard emission levels. It also has enhanced scale detection to prevent long term damage when an issue with the unit occurs.

The RL94I also has a .82 energy factor with natural gas and propane, certified as another product option for mobile homes. Temperature lock prevents extreme, sudden, or accidental temperature changes.

The RU80I has a .96 energy factor, the same features as the RL-75 and the RL94I, but also features multiple venting options including PVC/CPVC, which is facilitated by the Ubbink Concentric and a Twin Pipe Adapter, all of which makes installation quick and simple.

Finally, the RU96I has a .95 energy factor rating and all of the same great features listed under the product designs above (ENERGY STAR qualified, enhanced scale detection, temperature lock, emission compliance of 20ppm, and multiple venting options including PVC/CPVC.)


Navien Tankless Water Heater

Navien, a leader in condensing technology, was founded in 2006, and emphasizes a focus on today’s energy saving technology. They are known for manufacturing products with sophisticated engineering and robust designs.

Air Leaders offers 7 different tankless water heater models from this trusted supplier.

The Navien NPE-180A offers ultra-high condensing efficiency. With this technology, you’re saving both money and energy over tank type water heaters or traditional water heaters. This model has two stainless steel heat exchangers that provide longer life expectancy since they are highly resistant to corrosion and erosion. The NPE-180A reduces mineral deposits, acid rain, and greenhouse effect.

NPE models allow simple convertibility from NG to LP. They adapt to low gas pressure applications because of the negative pressure gas valve and fan with dual venture operation. Clean, silent, and economical, the NPE-180A works hard to keep your home environment comfortable.

The NPE-210A model has similar benefits to the NPE-180A. These are both excellent solutions for domestic hot water and space heating applications. The new metal fiber burner in the NPE-210A allows for a consistent air/gas mixture to improve combustion efficiency. This model has the same features as the previous water heater, such as automatic water filling system and powerful anti-freeze feature.

Lastly, we offer the NPE-240A model that is also similar to the previous Navien systems. All three include easy installation and PVC venting. In the NPE-240A model, there is a 2” venting option that allows for flues to be pulled through existing vents. A 3” vent can be used up to 150’ with standard 2” x 3” adapters. All of these tankless water heater models keep floors warm but the indoor air fresh, which helps keep you warm in colder months. The heat in the floors transmit warmth throughout your home even when the heater is turned off.


Noritz Tankless Water Heater

Noritz has been an innovator in water heating for over 60 years. Environmentally friendly and absolutely tankless, the electronically controlled water heaters were first introduced in 1981. These modern systems continued to make Noritz the leader in energy savings and hot water delivery today.

Air Leaders carries the following tankless water heating systems for your home.

The NRC1111 model has a dual heat exchanger that is a fusion of stainless steel and copper exchangers. Residual heat from the steel component’s exhaust temperature is used to preheat incoming water before it runs through the copper heat exchanger – this dramatically reduces carbon dioxide and increases the heater’s efficiency to over 93%.

The next model, NRC98, is a new efficient condensing model. This is part of the eco-TOUGH Series at Noritz that follows green and environmentally friendly practices. The energy factor on this model is 0.91 (NG) and 0.92 (LP). The NRC98 is easy-to-install, like our other models, and Energy Star rated. The NRC98 fully meets domestic hot water needs of both southern and northern residences.

Model NRC711 is equipped for homes with 1 to 3 showers. They are capable of providing an endless hot water supply to the entire residence. The Noritz burners on this model maximizes output and provides temperature stability while maintaining low emissions. The NRC711 model offers features such as safety lock-out, freeze protection, and high elevation adjustment.

Finally, we carry the NRC661 model that is also part of the eco-TOUGH Series. With a half inch gas line, this model features the same energy-saving condensing technology. The Energy Star ratings for NRC661 are nearly 10 points higher than similar conventional tankless units. Furthermore, it is approximately 30 points higher than standard, tank type water heaters.

Nortiz will save energy and money in your home with the astounding condensing technology found in all of their models. At Air Leaders, we will provide expert advice and excellent installation.


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