Lennox Furnace Repair

Lennox Furnace Repair


A brand is a name that people trust, and Lennox is a well-known brand of heating and cooling systems offering a range of residential and commercial furnaces. Air Leaders have been a top-tier furnace repair and maintenance service provider in major areas of Ontario.  


We at Air Leaders offer diagnostic testing, repairs, maintenance, and installation of new furnace units. If your furnace stops working suddenly without prior notice or symptom, you will need our emergency furnace repair service. We offer the highest quality heating system repair service as our trusted brand partner Lennox.  


Why Our Lennox Furnace Repair?


Our safety methods and expertise in the field make us the perfect choice to serve your heating and cooling needs. Also, having in-depth knowledge of Lennox HVAC equipment allows us to diagnose and repair any issues with your furnace quickly. Our furnace repair technicians are skillful, licensed, and insured and never compromise on excellent customer support service.  


Air Leadersis a one-stop shop for every furnace issue. We are available 24/7 for you, and we work quietly enough so that your daily schedule isn't disturbed much.  


What Do We Deal With?


A normal day for a Furnace repair technician goes by interacting with normal furnace issues an ordinary homeowner faces.  


Ignition Problem


If your furnace is not working, a faulty ignition system is usually the culprit. Our professionals can replace the essential malfunctioning parts in no time.  


Faulty Limit Switch


The limit switch is responsible for turning off the furnace I fit overheats. If the switch is not working right, it can cause the furnace to shut down prematurely or not turn on.  


Wear And Tear


Over time, furnaces can experience general wear and tear that can cause parts of the furnace to malfunction or shut down. Keeping up with a regular maintenance schedule can help prevent these issues from occurring.  


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Trust us with your Lennox furnace in Toronto. Our expertise is off the charts, and our experts are passionate about their skills. On a final note, our finest reviews on HomeStars are proof of our extraordinary customer satisfaction policy. Visit us or call us today to get your Lennox gas furnacediagnosed and repaired.  



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