Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) seem like your family’s only caretaker after you. It keeps you and your loved ones safe from harsh winds in cold winters and a stuffy and hot environment in summer.

They are the basic thing that anybody deserves in their life to match the basic needs. However, common problems in HVAC can make your life hectic. These small or large problems are directly associated with ruining your day or, in worst cases, your whole weekend. Can you imagine?

So, make sure to check out some of the HVAC problems and know about them before they become an over-stressed matter for you.

Common Problems with Your HVAC & Their Solutions

1.    Strange Noise from Your Furnace

Loud or unusual noise from your furnace is not usual. It can lead to some serious issues if ignored for a long time. The reason for this noise is it might be throwing extra blow through the ducts, or there are some issues in the blower motor. Other than that, your filters might be dirty and they are causing a blockage. All of these can lead to a furnace failure.


These are the small indications of larger problems, and you need to keep a check on them. Make sure to call professionals as soon as you start hearing those weird noises, or go check the furnace yourself.

2.    Furnace Blower Running Without a Pause

This seems like a huge problem, but sometimes you can do it by pushing a button. Yes, check your thermostat remote and see if the fan is still on or not. If it is on then, the motor will run continuously.

So, close the fan switch, and if it is still not stopping, there might be other issues with your furnace.

One of the major causes is a malfunction in relay sticks that indicate the heat and turn on the fan. If these sticks are not working, the fan will not stop even if you have switched it off because it is getting continuous signals from the sticks.


In this situation, you might have to call professionals to help you out because the fan relay is sensitive, and you cannot fix it without professional skills and equipment.

3.    Leakages

Water leaks are common in both furnaces and air conditioners. Both of them include drain pipes installed to build a water passage and excel extra water from there. If those drain pipes are clogged with dirt or debris, it might lead to serious issues like cracking the pipelines.

Now, you know that cracked pipes cannot be fixed properly and they will need instant replacement, costing you a lot of money.


A good contractor will help you with these issues, and you just have to make a call.

4.    Dirty Coils

Both evaporators and condensers have coils, and if they catch dirt or debris, they can cause serious malfunctions to your furnace or air conditioners.


You can clean them yourself, but if they are extremely dirty, you will need professional aid.

5.    Muddy Filters

Muddy or dirty filters force your furnace or air conditioners to put extra effort into blowing air. As a result, the blower and the machinery might get affected by this pressure.


Make sure to replace the filters regularly.

6.    Broken Thermostat

Thermostats have different variants. They come in both advanced and common types. In advanced types, you can have many functions that you might not understand. Sometimes, you set a thermostat to a new setting that might produce more heat or less heat.


Ask the company from where you have purchased that, and they will guide you about the appropriate settings.

7.    Blown Fuses or Tripped Breakers

The blowers might exert more force when the air is blocked due to dirt or something else stuck on the filters. In this way, their energy consumption levels exceed their limits, and as a result, it trips the breakers.


You have to clean the dirt from the surface of filters or coils, and in some cases, you have to replace those filters.

If the problem still reoccurs, calling professionals is your last hope.

8.    Mechanical Issues

The belts or bearings of your motor may need some maintenance, or they have been worn out due to overwork. These mechanical issues are needed to be fixed as soon as you see them, or they can lead to some serious issues.


Regular maintenance and oiling your motor and its bearings (if necessary) will reduce the chances of mechanical issues.

Or, if you think that there is a lot of corrosion and they are needed to be replaced, make sure to call HVAC contractors near North York.

The Verdict

Knowing about these problems is crucial, and most of the time, you can save a lot of money by fixing these small issues yourself.

But if you have larger problems, you can give us a call. We are trained and well-equipped to cope with any HVAC issue. Whether you want air condition repair in Markham or furnace repair, we will help you, and you can say goodbye to these common HVAC problems. 

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